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 ADMIN MOD. How Did I Do? I Bought a 2024 RAV4 XLE. I walked into the dealership to purchase a brand new 2024 RAV4 XLE and we started with an OTD of $35,700. Four hours later of persistent negotiating and annoying the dealers, I left with the OTD being $32,500 with a 5.9% rate for 72 months. .

The RAV4 feels like it sits up a little higher and the Forester feels zippier, but the specs are pretty damn close. I chose the Forester after having one for a rental and he chose the RAV4 because he got a good deal through Costco. I’m particular about visibility and the Forester had a better view out the back window. A base or mid-range model RAV4 is perfectly reasonable and competitive in the marketplace. You pay a premium for them used. Rav4 less than a 4Runner or, god forbid, Tacoma but it's a premium nonetheless. Their new prices are within the realm of reasonable. Nothing holds its value like a Toyota truck.

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Most mileage on a RAV4 that you'd buy? Gen 3. In the market for a used RAV4 probably going to be 3rd gen for my budget (just went through a total loss in an accident with my 2007 RAV4 V6 Limited at 120k miles RIP!). With the market being as crazy as it is, difficult to find anything under 120k Since the good 'ol RAV4 is known to be pretty ...Most mileage on a RAV4 that you'd buy? Gen 3. In the market for a used RAV4 probably going to be 3rd gen for my budget (just went through a total loss in an accident with my 2007 RAV4 V6 Limited at 120k miles RIP!). With the market being as crazy as it is, difficult to find anything under 120k Since the good 'ol RAV4 is known to be pretty ...r/rav4club: The Toyota RAV4 is a terrific car that doesn't seem to fit into any one category. Is it a crossover? Wagon? SUV? All of the above? Here…2019 should be reliable. Apart from noise/perhaps a jerky transmission, the LE AWD doesn’t have the transfer case issues. Shouldn’t have anything that affects reliability. Resale will be better with the new style, as well as power and fuel economy. Up to you if you decide a deal on the 2018 is worth forgoing all of that.

For my budget, I'm deciding between a late gen 3 vs and early gen 4. I'm looking at 2010+ so either car will have the 2.5ar engine. If I get the gen 3 I'll get the limited edition vs gen 4 xle.Oct 30, 2023 ... The CX-5 is a much nicer overall car and will arguably be as reliable as a RAV4. If you value refinement and driving, you'll like the Mazda. It ...The Camry’s suspension was super loose, like driving a trampoline at times which was super comfortable. The RAV4’s suspension is definitely more rigid but tbh I don’t really notice it as much as I thought I would coming from the Camry. Other than the suspension, the steering on the Rav4 is really smooth and it takes corners like a champ.I would say the upgrade from a gas to a hybrid is about 50% better, and from the hybrid to the prime, about a 15-20% upgrade. At least, that's how it feels to me. Plus, the hybrid can be financially justified over the gas. The prime is a stretch. However, if the price (dealer quote) of the hybrid is within 1-5k from the prime, definitely ...

RAV4 mpg combined was around 40. Camry mpg combined is around 48. Road and wind noise on the Camry are much quieter. Comfort on Camry is much higher. I’d rather have a Camry for a road trip. I also enjoy the sporty look with paddle shifters (useless for hybrid) on the SE Camry. Brand new the Camry was $27k+++ and the RAV4 was $32k+++.Dec 15, 2023 ... It essentially acts like a full electric vehicle for your daily drive as long as it is above 14F outside. Below that it runs the gas engine to ...Sep 1, 2023 ... Considering 2023 Rav4 Hybrid XLE (+ options) is about $6000 more than 2023 Rav4 LE (without options, I assume your 2019 Rav4 LE was without ... ….

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CX-5 lacks space for rear-facing child seats, won't fit. CX-50 is more spacious (still less than CRV) CRV is better than RAV4. If you want space and a good deal try Subaru Forester. oneonus. •. Rav4 drives like a tank, would never own one. Drive the CX5 and CRV and pick the one you like more. Both will be very reliable, with CX5 being more ... Even with lumbar support. Added a back rest. Front seats are good, nothing special. Back seats are kinda flat and hard but fine - probably want a small pillow or two for day long road trips for passengers in the back, but most vehicles in this price range are similar. If your under 6ft its plenty of room.Due to the SUV shortage, I literally haven’t test drove any RAV4. The new ravs drive pretty close to the Camry, you just sit up a little higher. Otherwise same drivetrain and similar handling. But I agree with you on the highlander! I had a rental and man was it quiet.

Falken Wildpeaks are common on Rav4s. The Wildpeak trails are stock on the TRD trim. Others go for a 245/65/17 for more tire. Falken also do a Wildpeak AT3 which is a more closely matched to the KO2s from BF Goodrich (more aggressive than the Trails) I personally wouldn’t run the KO2s or Wildpeak AT3s year round if most of your driving in ...• 1 yr. ago. Eirza786. Trip to visit Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. Hey nyets and Happy new year yall! I’ll be traveling to KK and Kundasang / Ranau area with my buddies for … I find Subaru's Eyesight system better than the TSS in some regards, but the Forester doesn't have lane centering like the RAV4. It's really a personal preference thing between these two for me. Yes it does. 2021+ subaru eyesight has lane centering. Looks like they added it to the Forester in 2020 actually.

friendboy pro In a nut shell the price is the best I have seen and it is not taxable regardless of what state you are a registering your vehicle. Vehicle: 2019 – 2022 Rav4 Hybrid or Prime; Within 36 mos / 36,000 miles. Toyota Extra Care, Platinum coverage with $0 deductible: 5 yr / 60K - $550.00. 6 yr / 75K - $645.00.There is a good reason it's been unobtanium for like 5 years straight now. -> CX50 will give the driver a more car-centric experience. It makes sacrifices to provide you a better on road feeling and interaction with the vehicle. -> RAV4 will … hours of operation walmart pharmacystore manager dsw salary Under my first year of ownership (~110k) the cylinder head had to be replaced ~$2-3k repair. At ~120k the ABS actuator went bad ~$2-3k That same year I replaced the front struts myself. Later that year the lock actuator for one of the doors went bad, ~$800 repairs. In 2016 (160k) the airbag recall was performed. luciane buchanan bra size They released the MSRP for the new 2023 RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition, and I think it's within my budget! Not sure why they leave out heated seats on this trim-- As someone who goes out to the snow, mountains, and surf, my sore muscles would deeply appreciate the heat. Anyways, I'm loving the bigger roof rack arms, mud flap, TRD-style suspension ... la crosswordwarframe fishingdavi nails charlotte nc New 2022 Toyota RAV4 xle convenience priced $36k including taxes ? By the way is in Texas San Antonio. Just build your car on the Toyota website with everything included and it’ll show Msrp. If you’re getting it for msrp or lower- you’re getting a good deal.Reddit is a popular social media platform that has gained immense popularity over the years. With millions of active users, it is an excellent platform for promoting your website a... frost dk wotlk phase 2 bis As mentioned, the best you'll be able to do is look at Toyota's build-a-car to compare features. I personally think the front-end of the Adventure and TRD Off Road …Oh strange. My 2005 camry I thought had a 5 speed 4 cylinder. Just to jump in here, I recently bought a 2010 RAV4 Sport v6 4WD. Bought it certified with about 69K miles for around $15000. Price was good for my area, and it had an excellent CarFax with consistent service records, one owner, no accidents, etc. I love it. united express flight trackeracls precourse self assessment answers 2022 rhythmsee where one is coming from crossword The Toyota RAV4 is a terrific car that doesn't seem to fit into any one category. Is it a crossover? Wagon? ... aiming to bring Reddit's attention to the significance of our concerns regarding the recently implemented API changes. r/AskCarSales will remain private Sunday, 06/11 through Wednesday, 06/14 r/Save3rdPartyApps PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ...It excels in the highway compared to competitors, including the CR-V. Also, more power so feels quicker. For top trim, RAV4 is also better. You get the newer digital cluster and better infotainment screen for 2023. You get some nice extras like ventilated seats, panoramic roof, and 360° cameras, which the CR-V does not get.